Software Products

We design software and digital interactive products that improve the quality of life and human experiences in relation to the built-environment.

Service Design & Strategy

We deliver compelling  service design and brand experience strategy that are right for your customers, business, and organization.

Spatial Design

We offer spatial design and conceive built-environments that are human-centered and integrated with digital experiences.

What We Do

Featured Works

AR Public Art

AR Public Art is a digital platform through which all citizens can co-create and discuss virtual public artworks and add a new digital layer to the built environment. The participatory and  interactive system allows everyone to create an artwork, and attach it to a specific public place. The system offers different range of participation for citizens from a simple interaction to co-creating with the artist.


Agora is a product ecosystem and event aggregator that enables citizens’ activities within urban spaces to be rendered legible and support civic engagement. It allows citizens to share and interact with various social events and activities via different touchpoints. It can also aggregate all of the events and activities from different social media channels.


Eco-Curtain is a vertical green system to grow plants and herbs in buildings. Utilizing smart technologies to automate irrigation and monitoring, Eco-Curtain is attached to building windows to receive optimum energy.  This project offers a new experience to home users to cultivate green space indoors and create adaptable vertical gardens with minimal usage of space.

Biomorphic Living Screen

Biomorphic Living Screen (BLS) is an engineered biome, a self-sustaining micro-ecological system that advances a poly-culture environment  in the urban setting. Integrated technologies mediate monitoring and performance of the system. An agile systemic design BLS is an alternative urban green system adapting various scales and spaces based on environmental and social conditions.

Our Principles


Human-centered design is a creative, holistic, and participatory approach for designing interactive systems, which focuses on users’ needs or behaviors by applying different research and design methods.

Systemic Design

As situations grow more complex, designers’ focus is shifting to  systems and behaviors, which means that product development is dynamic; we must build relationship between products and enable feedback.

Agile Practice

Agile philosophy echoes design thinking, collaboration and focuses on making things quickly. It requires iterative and rapid prototyping, testing and building the minimum viable product as soon as possible.

Seek & Solve Real Problems

Seeking problem is the foundational step to a great solution. Finding and Identifying the right problem is the key to the successful design. We always start by diving deep to find out the real problem.

Forward Thinking

Design looks forward to the future. Designers follow trends, anticipate issues, and integrate solutions to solve the problem. The solution resides to the future. Forward thinking is at heart of the design.

Experience + Space

The space and experience of the space are inseparable. When design workflows recognize and built on such inherent connection, real innovation occurs and we see impact in every aspect of the project.

Our Principles

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