We envision a world of integrated digital & physical experiences and environments.

We are designers and thinkers. Our team collectively offers architecture, landscape architecture, graphic design, user experience design, interaction design, and software design. We are coming from academia and practice and combine cutting-edge research with real-world experiences to address problems.

We believe in design-without-limits: meaning that there is virtually no disciplinary or boundaries in design. We utilized various design methods to address complex problems holistically. In our view, design is integrative and calls for deep and broad explorations of issues to find specific solutions. We see design as a means and a transformative agency.

We live in a new era of humanity where technology and digital experiences are increasingly part of our experiences of physical environments. Yet, such inherent connection has rarely been approached under a single umbrella. Professional firms addressing built-environment design and software design companies have little connection. While the necessity of such connection is vital, traditional models of environmental design have not embraced digital experiences and software design as part of solutions.

At Creo we aim to fill this gap by bringing together design, design-thinking, and software design in a cohesive way.  We established our space, one that reflects our vision and passion. We see that increasingly digital practices associate with built environments and impact our understanding, creation, and interactions with spaces.  We found a void in current educational models and practices to address this connection. We look at this area and explore the overlap of digital and physical environments.