Eco-Curtain is an award-winning solution to effectively introduce green systems into buildings.





Easy to Use

Eco-Curtain is a simple eco-solution to introduce greenery into the interior spaces. It is an analogue system of self-watering vessels (sub irrigation) that allows for various types of plants to grow and thrive indoors with minimal maintanance.

Health & Productivity

Research has proven that introducing green systems into the workplace increases productivity by 12.5%-15% and lowers sick days by 10%. Eco-Curtain is an efficient system to integrate plants and greenery into every workplace.

Organizing Space

Eco-Curtain, as a partition system, is an effective tool to create see-through boundaries between workspace zone. The system can be used as a natural screen between workstations, or as a green shading device aghast windows to control light, or simply against walls to liven up the space.



modular . interactive . flexible


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